Created by a Leading Dermatologist

Pure + Simple Moisture for Mature Skin

A unique blend of ceramides and botanical oils
both hydrates and retains moisture

Gentle, silky, and fragrance-free,
it soothes almost instantly!

Frequent hand-washing is the best preventive measure right now (and always!). But dry and cracked skin may easily be the result.

EpiMD is a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizing body lotion developed by Dermatologist Amy Newburger. EpiMD is allergy and safety-tested, and contains essential ingredients to hydrate and maintain moist skin.

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People retain less moisture in their skin after age 65. EpiMD is targeted to help. With a specific ceramide formula, EpiMD is rich in botanical oils and expressly designed to hydrate and sooth maturing skin. | Dr. Amy Newburger, Creator of EpiMD

Amy E. Newburger, MD

Amy E. Newburger, MD

and EpiMD Creator
Wendy Serkin

Wendy Serkin

SeniorSkin President
and EpiMD Founder

Nature, nurtured.

Ceramides are key in the formation of skin’s protective barrier, the barrier that naturally retains skin’s moisture.

As we get older this barrier becomes thinner partly because we don’t make as much ceramide as in our younger years. This results, almost universally,  in dry skin.

We designed EpiMD expressly for age-related dryness, with a rich ceramide and botanical formula.

EpiMD moistens, protects and soothes maturing skin.

EpiMD. Approved, created and tested by Board-certified dermatologists!

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