Why EpiMD Moisturizing Body Lotion?

Dr. Amy E. Newburger’s experience in dermatology is an integral part of our story. Her new moisturizing body lotion, EpiMD, comes directly from treating more than 15,000 patients aged 65+.

Most of these patients name dry skin as their most common complaint.

Years ago, when her older patients’ simply dry skin became more easily cracked,  increasingly itchy and often painful, Dr. Newburger was convinced that age-related dryness was nearly a universal problem and she was determined to fix it!

For years, Dr. Newburger brought her expertise to the development of skincare products for major corporations. Now Dr. Newburger would put together her own small team to work on a new product specifically for helping skin stay healthy as it gets older.

EpiMD is the result.

Dr. Newburger recommends using EpiMD daily, as often as needed.

EpiMD is:

A simple body lotion that’s gentle, moisturizing and soothing.

Great to use year-round, in summer and in winter.  

A dermatologist-designed rich ceramide and botanical formula expressly to help keep older skin healthy with it unique hydrating barrier protection.

Delightfully non-greasy, absorbing into your skin fast.

Fragrance free, paraben free, and allergy-tested.

EpiMD is the right care for leading an active life, comfortable in your moister skin.

EpiMD is the right skincare for leading an active, comfortable life!



First Lake, Maine

EpiMD moisturizes my dry skin, absorbs fast, and a little goes a long way. It’s so soothing, I’d like to take a bath in it!



Amherst, Massachusetts

I really like it. It has a special feel. Not slippery but soft and absorbing.



Bridgehampton, New York

It seems EpiMD was made just for my skin which has been getting drier as I get older. It’s really doing the trick--I’m getting good hydration with no gimmicks.



East Hampton, New York

My favorite pastime is gardening and EpiMD is a perfect moisturizer after I clean my garden dirt off.

Dianne Benson is author of a bestselling garden book Dirt.

A True Story That Begins With My Mother

Wendy Serkin, EpiMD Founder

Mom loved golf. When she wasn’t raising her kids, she was out on the course, working on her game. Doing that gave her enormous pleasure, but it also took its toll on her skin, which became uncomfortably itchy, dry, and brittle as she got older. She tried many different moisturizers; none of them did much good.

So I asked my dermatologist Dr. Amy Newburger for advice. Could she recommend a skincare product that would help Mom? To my surprise she said, “There is no such product.” Then she told me that over the years she had treated at least 15,000 mature adults, and that nearly all of them had the same basic complaint: dryness.

And there was no skincare product for such a common problem?

I knew that Dr. Newburger had worked for a branch of the FDA, CRDH, and she was a consultant for Consumer Reports. Also, she’d helped develop skincare products for Avon, Chesebrough, Unilever, and Schering-Plough. I wondered if she and I could come up with a moisturizer designed for dry, aging skin.

The answer–after many years of calculating, formulating, testing, and persistent, pigheaded effort—was a resounding yes! Mom was the very first person to try the body lotion, and she loved it as much as we do.

Now that it’s available from Amazon.com, We’re hoping you’ll love it, too!

We are happy to report that EpiMD is “live” on Amazon now and, after four months, has received the “Amazon’s Choice” designation!